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Can it be Canadian if it’s not made in Canada?

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Welcome to the KANIA life!
Luxury Canadian T-shirts and Sweatshirts!

People are always asking what does it mean to be a Canadian brand? Do you really make the clothes here in Canada? The answer is Yes!

KANIA is designed and manufactured 100% in this beautiful country! Most of our designs happen in our studio at 145 York Street Ottawa, but initial inspirations and concepts come from a feeling, artist visualization and that can happen anywhere!
It’s interesting how many companies are claiming to be “Made in Canada” because they are “Designed in Canada” but still manufactured elsewhere, does that make it Canadian?

We look up to winter apparel company Canada Goose who sell their parkas in over 50 countries but they are designed and manufactured in just 1! We strive to be like them one day!

For now we are small but mighty and are extremely proud of the community we have created! Across the county from Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal we design, sketch, make samples, graphics, websites, digital patterns, custom spin fabrics, dye, cut, sew, assemble, pre wash, shrink, package and ship! It is a process but it’s all worth it! We are proudly Canadian and intend on keeping it that way!
 Please follow our journey and support Canadian Made!

Stacey Bafi-Yeboa xx
Owner Designer KANIA Couture Inc.


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